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We’ve taken all the pain out of building your offshore engineering or creative team.

Our solution is scalable, extendable and flexible, to meet the ever-changing needs of your business. Try us out, risk-free, and experience the difference.


Have you faced these problems ?

Recruiting proven technical talent is difficult.

Top technical talent is extremely expensive.

Lack of control when outsourcing

Lack of Transparency when it comes to costing

Can't increase pay or bonuses to retain great talent

Suspect that your team is moonlighting on your dime

How Does Our Pricing Work ?


Why Are We Different ?


We are accountable to you. We use Scrum, daily stand-ups, agile workflows, that have been developed and refined over time.


We help you appraise and review the performance of your team. We have monthly one-on-one reviews with each team member, and quarterly performance gradings.


You're in full control and have full transparency. You decide who to hire, fire, how much to pay in monthly salaries, and bonuses.


We help you manage your team. We have a daily clock-in system, annual and medical leave management systems, monthly and quarterly team welfare activities. If you want a monthly hackathon over the weekend, just say the word!


Knowledge sharing is part of your culture at Beeknights. We have monthly internal tech talks and design workshops organized by our top engineers and designers. They serve as a platform to learn and teach.


The biggest pitfall of offshoring and outsourcing is a lack of documentation and coding standards. With design, all source files are meticulously organized. At Beeknights, everything is ready for handover at anytime.

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